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Meet The BOSS

This is Brody. He’s the force and inspiration behind Land of the Wee. If you’re a parent you can probably relate. The reality is that when a baby comes into your life your, priorities can shift and you spend a lot of time answering the constant and unrelenting calls of “the boss.” This story is no different.  When this boss came into the world, this mama needed to find a way to meet  both our needs. And with that, Land of the Wee was born. 


Land of the Wee is located in Hood River, Oregon, which is smack-dab in the middle of the Pacific Northwest.  It’s truly a natural playground with an abundance of mountains, rivers, lakes and even the ocean can be found not too far from home. Our surroundings have inspired several of our most popular prints and you’ll often catch a glimpse of our home base in the background of our photos. 

Lavender Valley in Hood River with Mt Ho


We love natural products that are kind to Mother Nature and also to your child. Luckily, these two ideals often align.  Bamboo is our superstar, hands down, favorite material.  It stole our hearts when we became baby onsie connoisseurs.  Bamboo is naturally buttery soft, eco-friendly, moisture-wicking, temperature regulating and so much more.  Head to our Why Bamboo page if your feeling intrigued to learn more.  Land of the Wee offers a variety of products for babies and kids, and our primary focus is putting the magic in bath time.  Our hooded towels for babies, toddlers, and kids and all natural bath bombs and bubble baths are a sure fire way to delight. 

Expert tip: Throw hooded towel into the dryer for 3 minutes before pulling your child out of the bath and watch them melt. Indulgent… yes… but life is short and those memories are priceless. 

Lastly, we are a small company with a big soft mushy heart. Our customer satisfaction and the overall experience are what guides us above all else. Truly, if you aren’t happy, we aren’t happy.  Our goal is to provide you with top quality, eco-friendly products that help you savor everyday moments with the ones you love.  If you love our products, we'd love to hear it (it feeds our soul), and if you think we could improve we want to know, too. Please reach out anytime and share your thoughts, ask questions, or just say hey.

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Headquarters: 2590 Riverview Drive, Hood River, OR 97031

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